Pastor Rick Warren uses Direct Mail

    Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church gives us 9 valuable reasons for why his Church uses Direct Mailing
  1. We reach a large number of people QUICKLY
  2. Mail does not interrupt people in activities as could phoning or door knocking
  3. A large number of people have UNLISTED phone numbers, so it is the only way you can reach them
  4. It has value in that it is something they may keep and refer to later
  5. It creates visitors, guests, of which a percentage will stay
  6. It identifies the receptive people quickly
  7. It is psychologically non threatening
  8. You have the opportunity to influence your community before they get preconceived ideas about you
  9. Mass mailings several times a year have real value in that they keep you in front of your community in a timely manner - don't forget the old cliche 6 before it sticks - consider multiple mailings to New Movers