Our Mission

  • To evangelize the people of this world.
  • By providing programs and encouragement that will facilitate and promote church outreach.
  • By sharing proven church growth ideas regularly.
  • By building trust and confidence with churches through sound, fair, state of the art business practices.
  • By providing a positive, uplifting and supportive atmosphere for our churches that is mutually beneficial.
  • By praying continuously for the churches, the pastors, the leaders, the businesses with whom we are in contract and the New Movers Lists and Name Lists which are the products we deliver.
  • By continuously seeking the very best products available and delivering them on a timely basis.

Why Choose Us

  •  Guaranteed 100% Deliverable
  •  New names every month
  •  Only movers in your selected areas
  •  No minimum order size
  •  No minimum subscription period


New Movers Evangelism has been in operation since 1987. It was birthed out of the same need that you have today. My Pastor wanted to evangelize the "unchurched" in our area and gave me the assignment. Together we learned by many trials and errors what to do and what not to do.

Our program became such a success, that I began helping other churches do the same. After some time, we eventually felt led to bring this service/ministry to the church as a whole, to help as many churches nationwide as we can.

We hope we can help your church reach the unchurched in your area.

- Doug Miranda, Founder