We're excited to be able to help you reach out and touch the lives of new movers in your area.

Grow your church with our mailing lists

New Mover Mailing Lists

Our New Mover Mailing Lists are lists of people who have moved from one address to another – they may be local or long distance and we can define it for you. You select the zip codes, counties, states and/or movers within a given radius and we'll produce your custom list. These can be sent to you via email or on PSLs (peel & stick labels).

Home Buyer Lists

Our Home Buyer Lists are lists of people who have registered a home purchase – we get these from deed records at the courthouse. They may be local or long distance movers.

Occupant List

Our Occupant Lists target an address, rather than an individual. Each mailing piece is addressed to "Occupant" or "Resident". However, you may address your piece: "To our friends at" or "To our neighbors at" as an option. Occupant mailings are used to saturate an entire area and are in the actual sequence which the postal carriers deliver their mail. Therefore, the postage is the lowest the U.S.P.S. offers.

We can supply Occupant Lists by zip code, carrier route or by radius around your church address. Occupant Lists are very affordable and may be used to supplement your new mover's mailings.

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